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    Rules for All Members!

    Olesya Yarmolyuk

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    Rules for All Members!

    Post  Olesya Yarmolyuk on Tue May 31, 2011 1:22 am

    They say every rule has an exception, but that is NOT true! Although this forum is open to everyone and anyone, it DOES have a few rules that need to be followed. Please don't get yourself kicked out.. (Don't worry, I'm sure it won't happen ;D )

    1. This forum was made for us, so we can talk about GOD and GOD RELATED SUBJECTS. Please don't get off topic - no Justin Beiber or Lady Blah Blah. :)

    2. You CAN post things that you want others to know, just like in the Facebook group. Ex. "I passed my finals, Praise the Lord!" or "So-and-so is doing better :)"

    3. Please no spamming. I don't think your account will get hacked so no "OMG! Now you can see who viewed your profile! CLICK THIS BUTTON!" and please no one word posts like "K" or "lol". At least 2 or 3 words guys!

    4. If you want to add a category to the forum, PM me ("Private Message", it's in your toolbar at the top of the site.)

    5. No yelling. As in, no fierce arguments (although heated discussions are encouraged!) and no fighting. Leave the drama for drama club :)

    6. Have FUN!!! :D

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